Join our Volunteer Team and support your candidate, Raj Sherman!

Join the Volunteer Team

  • door knocking (walking with friends)

  • letter folding

  • envelope stuffing

  • data entry

  • telephone calls

  • refreshment management

  • sign deliveries

  • event set-up

  • event assistance

  • election day prep

  • election day help

Come join our super fun, energetic Volunteer Team, and support your candidate, Raj Sherman! We have lots to do, and we have lots of fun doing it!

Upcoming Volunteer opportunities for Team Raj

Monsoon Fundraising Event, Tuesday March 21 – Monsoon Bistro & Bar, 4485 Gateway Blvd NW 
We need 10 people to volunteer (8 more)
Volunteers arrive at 5 pm and set up the reception table
– 3 for registration and voter ID
– 4 for passing out forms and envelopes
– 3 more for runners and whatever else comes up 

Just tell us what you would enjoy! We're Excited to have you join us!

If you have questions, please contact Shelia, our Volunteer Coordinator: at (780)-916-5992.

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